Daniel Johnston, born in 1961 in Sacramento, California, American singer, draftsman and lyricist, ill with maniacal depression. He was the youngest of five children in a Christian fundamentalist household. He and his family soon moved to New Cumberland in West Virginia. In his high school days, he already showed a great deal of talent: he played the piano, made fantastic films about his family and sketched what he actually does to this day. In the early 1990s, after being noticed by Kurt Cobain, Johnston signed a contract with Atlantic Records and released the album "Fun". Newer albums include Fear Yourself, Welcome To My World and Is And Always Was. Johnston's works are exhibited in innumerable galleries around the world, and he has become a part of outsider art? His art is deeply rooted in the iconography of his childhood; comics, monster films, biblical stories and Beatles. Daniel has a story about instability and illness that coexists with fertile creativity in music and visual arts. His work is unpredictable, his career trajectory was unpredictable, but Johnston is still a very creative person, despite the demons with which he is associated.

Mikołaj Tkacz, born in 1991 in Poznań, graduated of Multimedia at the Faculty of Painting and New Media at the Academy of Art in Szczecin in 2015, currently studying at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is a member of the comic group Maszin, the creator of comics, short films and electronic music, which he plays together with his collective gathered around the MAGIA label. In his art he focuses on narration, which resulted in several experimental comic strips, including a comic book with a walk through empty rooms entitled "The MAGIA", which he plays together with his collective around MAGIA. „Adventures of Nobody", a record of the process of falling asleep and getting up, entitled "The Adventures of Nobody", a record of the process of falling asleep and getting up. I slept but got up" and a comic book entitled "The Adventures of Nobody", a record of the process of falling asleep and getting up. "Almost" created exclusively from curatorial texts from Polish exhibitions, which is also an abstract commentary to them. In recent years, he has participated in many group exhibitions, showing his videos and experimental comics. At his last solo exhibition in the FWD gallery entitled "Come and I'll show you my toys and you'll tell me who I am" he presented a selection of his childhood toys, about which he told live visitors to the gallery. In addition, he also played a cassette of songs he recorded in his childhood for his toys, singing its content at the vernissage.